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The Call Chords

Nathan Fellingham

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Original Key: Em

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
Em                    Bm    C                           Em
  There is a great salvation  to be made known to every nation
     D            C     D
That Jesus will return
Em                    Bm       C                                Em
  And we have been commissioned,  we're called to go and make disciples
   D              C
Baptising all who follow

           D    G    D/G          Am7                 G
And all authority is given to the Son, reigning over all
         D/G    Am7                      Em
Death He has destroyed, the church rises strong
           Bm        C     D
The battle has been won

Em                         B/D#                    G/D
  We will take hold of the call to go and make the gospel known
                  Am7              Bm7             Em
To all the world, teaching all the goodness of the Lord
                        B/D#                 G/D
Father let Your kingdom come and Holy Spirit burn in us and let our lives
    Am7          Bm7            Em
Be worthy of the call we have received

Verse 2:
There is a pure religion to clothe the poor and feed the hungry
With mercy handed for
With acts of selfless giving rooted in love and compassion
We'll show the love of Jesus