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The Happy Song Chords

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

   G              D/F#
Oh I could sing unending songs
    Em7            Csus2
Of how you saved my soul.
     G               D/F#
Well I could dance a thousand miles 
  Em7                 Csus2
Because of Your great love.

G                        D/F#
My heart is bursting Lord 
To tell of all You've done,
Of how You changed my life 
    G/B            D
And wiped away the past.
G                   D/F#
I wanna shout it out
From every roof top sing,
                           G/B          D
For now I know that God is for me not against me.

C                                     G
Everybody's singing now 'cos we're so happy!
C                                     G
Everybody's dancing now 'cos we're so happy!
If only we could see Your face 
And see You smiling over us
    Am                     C
And unseen angels celebrate,
                   G     D/F#  Em7  Csus2  G  D/F#  Em7  Csus2  G
For joy is in this place!