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The Light Of The World Chords

Stuart Townend

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 123

Verse 1: A The Light of the World E A Made history begin, D A Spoke time into being, E Caused planets to spin; D Flung galaxies wide E F#m Through infinite space A D To sing of His splendour A/E E A And fathomless grace. Chorus: A E Come, come, F#m A2/C# Daughters and sons, D A Bm7 E Look to the Light of the World. A/C# E/B A D Sing, sing praises to Him. E A Simply believe, C#7 F#m You will receive D A E A Mercy and love without measure. Verse 3: A The Light of the World E A Preached justice for all, D A Defying the proud E And defending the poor; D Then humbled Himself E F#m To death on a cross, A D To crush the oppressor A/E E A And rescue the lost. Verse 2: A The Light of the World E A Now shone as a man, D A And walked through the valleys E He'd carved with His hands. D A servant to those E F#m He'd breathed into life, E A D He felt our injustice A/E E A And shared in our strife. Verse 4: A The Light of the World E A Still shines on the earth, D A With gifts of forgiveness, E The hope of new birth. D So open your heart, E F#m Don't hide in the night; A D Step out of the darkness A/E E A And into His light.