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The Price Is Paid Chords

Graham Kendrick

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: G C The price is paid, F C Come let us enter in F C/E Dm/G C To all that Jesus died to make our own. G C For every sin F C More than enough He gave, F C/E Dm/G C And bought our freedom from each guilty stain. Chorus: F G C The price is paid, alleluia, Amazing grace, D/F# G So strong and sure; F/G F C And so with all my heart, F Am7 My life in every part, D7/F# F C/E I live to thank You for F/G G C Dm7 F/G G C The price You paid. [Last x] Am Am/G Am/F# F C/E F/G G C F/C C Verse 2: The price is paid, See Satan flee away; For Jesus crucified destroys his power. No more to pay, Let accusation cease, In Christ there is no condemnation now. Verse 3: The price is paid, And by that scourging cruel He took our sicknesses as if His own. And by His wounds, His body broken there, His healing touch may now by faith be known. Verse 4: The price is paid, 'Worthy the Lamb' we cry, Eternity shall never cease His praise. The church of Christ Shall rule upon the earth, In Jesus' name we have authority.