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The Same Jesus Chords

Matt Redman

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Original Key: A

Tempo: 105

{Intro} D A E A/C# Woah Woah {Verse 1} D F#m E This Jesus, that carried our shame A/C# D This Jesus, who rose from the grave F#m E The same Jesus we worship today A/C# We worship today D F#m E Came to us, with grace and in truth A/C# D Still with us, and still on the move F#m E The same Jesus, He is making us new A/C# He is making us new {Chorus} D A I know that my Redeemer lives E A/C# I know that my Redeemer lives D A He's still keeping all His promises E A/C# The same Jesus, the same Jesus {Interlude} D A E A/C# Woah Woah {Verse 2} D F#m E He's commanding the wind and the waves A/C# D His kingdom forever shall reign F#m E We know that He is coming again A/C# He is coming again [Repeat Chorus] [Repeat Interlude] {Bridge} D E A/C# O, He's the first and the last, the Beginning and End D At the sound of His cry all the world came alive E A/C# And He formed us from dust, put His breath in our lungs D We were made for His love but we ran from the light E A/C# But He wouldn't give up on His daughters and sons D D/F# So He took up the cross, and He laid down His life And He did what He said, when He rose from the dead D And He's coming back again [Repeat Chorus 2x] {Outro} D A E A/C# Woah Woah D A E A/C# D Woah Woah


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