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The Same Power Chords

Ben Cantelon, Nick Herbert | average from reviews

Original Key: E

Tempo: 100

Verse 1:
         E5      Badd4/D#      E5
There is power   in      His   name
        A         C#m      Bsus4
For the stone was rolled  away.
          E5   Badd4/D#      E5
Mountains bow  down        before
      A           C#m      Bsus4
Jesus Christ, our risen    Lord,
      A           Bsus4   E5
Jesus Christ, our risen   Lord.   [to Chorus]

             E       C#m      B
      Mighty Saviour lifted   high,
      E/G#     A     C#m    B
      King  forever, Jesus  Christ.
                 E      C#m        B
      Crowned in glory, raised to  life;
      E/G#       A   Bsus4     B   E 
The same power lives       in  us.   [1. to Verse 2]

           E   Bsus4   C#m   A
                                [to Mid section]
      E/G#      A    Bsus4    B    E   
      The same power lives    in   us.

Verse 2:
        E5     Badd4/D#       E5
We will rise,  stand     and  sing
E/G#      A         C#m       Bsus4
Of   our  great and matchless King.
       E5    Badd4/D#    E5
Seated high  on    the   throne
          A        C#m         Bsus4
You shall reign forever  -  -  more,
E/G#      A        Bsus4             E5
You shall reign forever  -  -  -  -  more!  [to Chorus]

Mid section :
    E                       Bsus4
The grave could not contain
    C#m                 A
The power of His name.
E                       Bsus4
Death You overcame
C#m                     A
Once and for all.                  [Last time to Chorus]