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The Voice Of Hope Chords

Lara Martin

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 120

Verse 1: C2 G/B As high as the heavens are above the earth, C2 Dsus4 D So high are Your ways to mine. C2 G/B Ways so perfect they never fail me, C2 Dsus4 D I know You are good all the time! C G/B And through the storm yet I will praise You, C G/B D Despite it all yet I will sing; C G/B Through good or bad yet I will worship, C2 Dsus4 D For You remain the same King of kings. Chorus: D G D/F# Em7 You are the voice of hope, the anchor of my soul. D Csus2 D2 C G Where there seems to be no way, You make it possible. G2 C2 You are the Prince of Peace, D2 C G D/F# Em7 Amidst adversity my lips will shout for joy C2 D7sus4 C2 G2/B C2 Dsus4 D Em9 To You the Most High! Verse 2: C2 G/B You were the One before time began; C2 Dsus4 D There's nothing beyond Your control. C2 G/B C2 Dsus4 D My confidence, my assurance rest in Your unchanging word! C And through the storm....