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The winds are blowing (Now is the time) Chords


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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: C G D The winds are blowing through again, So we must follow, C G D A people daring to believe We can change tomorrow Am7 G D/F# And be the miracle of light, G D/F# C And we won't give up the fight. Chorus: C G D Now is the time for us to shine, Dsus4 D C G D Dsus4 D Shine with the face of Christ divine. C G No compromise, C G Asus4 A For all heaven cries, 'now is the time.' Verse 2: The river's running through again, Rejuvenating. For everything You touch You change, And we've all been changing. We're a city shining on a hill, Tell this world You're shining still, Tell this world You always will. Mid section: C D Em7 D Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus, King of lights. C D Em7 D Jesus, Jesus, raise a church that's shining bright. C I want to follow but what does it mean D Em7 D To live in this world and keep everything clean? C Nothing I own here is ever my own, D Em7 D When I live in Your mercy and blessing You've shown. C I lay down my rights, see the world through Your eyes D Em7 D And fight for the hungry who pay for our lives. C I want to have You in all of my world, D Em7 So Jesus consume me, flow through me, D C 'Cause now is the time.