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There Is A Season Chords

Nathan Jess, Chris McClarney | average from reviews

Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

F       C

Verse 1:
F                                                    C
   At the break of morning, standing in Your promises
F                                                         C
   With the joy of Heaven, I will sing Your faithfulness

Verse 2:
F                                                   C
   In the midst of battle, even in the dead of night
F                                                           C  G
   When my world is failing, You are faithful, God Most High

There is a season
   C                 G
To laugh and then to mourn,
                     F         C               G
But there there is a reason so God I will hold on
                   F             Am7             G               Dm7
'Cause through ev'ry trial, Your voice is truer than the setting sun
 C/E    F             C     F/C     C
O    God, I'm holding on

Verse 3:
F                                                   C
   I am praying, Father, for the light of dawn again
F                                                          C  G
   Through the strains of sorrow, I am calling on Your name

        F                Am           G           C/E
Turn my eyes to see Your glory, put a song in me again
          F                     Am           G    C/E
Let Your words come forth, like fire to my mind
          F                Am            G                C/E
You are building from the ruins, You are breathing hope again
     F               Am           G      C    C/E
I am trusting You forever, and forever amen. (Turn my eyes...) [Repeat]
     F               Am           G      C
I am trusting You forever, and forever amen
     F               Am           G      C
I am trusting You forever, and forever amen

C      F/C     C           F/C     C