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This Changes Everything Chords

Jon Egan

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 130

{Intro} Em C G Em C G {Verse 1} Em C G The God of creation took our place Em C G The God of redemption opened the way {Pre-Chorus} Am7 G Em7 D The day You gave Your life seemed a failure in our eyes Am7 G D But the stone, it rolled away, as You walked out of that grave {Chorus} C G Let this place erupt with praise D Em Why do you look for the living among the graves? C G Jesus lives! All the earth sing out D The power of death has been broken Em C G 1. And this changes ev'rything [to v.2] Em7 2. And this changes ev'rything [to Bridge] Em C G Em C G 3. And this changes ev'rything. Oh [End] {Verse 2} Em C G The God of perfection became sin Em C G The God of salvation changed everything [Repeat Pre-Chorus] [Repeat Chorus] [Bridge} Am7 Em D Because You live our hope begins Am7 Em D Because You live our song will never end Am7 Em D Because You live now we can live C This changes everything, this changes everything [Repeat] [Repeat Chorus]
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Bible References

  • - Isaiah 25:8
  • - John 6:33
  • - Luke 24:5

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