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This Child Chords

Graham Kendrick

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

{Intro} D G A7 D {Verse 1} D G This Child, secretly comes in the night A7 D O this Child, hiding a heavenly light G O this Child, coming to us like a stranger A7 D This heavenly Child {Chorus} G D A7 This Child, heaven come down now to be with us here D G Heavenly love and mercy appear D Asus A Softly in awe and wonder come near  D To this heavenly Child {Verse 2} D G This Child, rising on us like the sun A7 D O this Child, given to light everyone G O this Child, guiding our feet on the pathway A7 D To peace on earth Repeat Chorus: {Verse 3} D G This Child, raising the humble and poor A7 D O this Child, making the proud ones to fall G O this Child, filling the hungry with good things A7 D This heavenly Child [Repeat Chorus x2]