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This Is Our Time Chords

Lara Martin

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

1. D D What a day to be alive A/C# Bm7 What a time to live my life Bm/A G To have a destiny and call A7sus A And see it day by day unfold 2. D What a day to know you Lord A/C# Bm7 To live and walk within your love Bm/A G To see the wondrous things you've done A7sus A And know there's greater things to come Bridge: G A Bm7 And we sense the wonder of it all G A Bm7 We feel the urgency G A Bm7 There's not a day to be wasted G Asus A God help Your church, help us to see Chorus: D G This is our time, this is our day D G D/F# Now's not the time to hold back or delay Em7 Dreams can live again G Faith and hope restored Em7 G A Taste and see that the Lord is good D G This is the day of salvation D G D/F# A time to break free from containment Em7 A G D People need, people need the Lord