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Original Key: B

Tempo: 76

{Intro} B F# G#m7 E G#m7 F# {Verse 1} B You are who You say You are G#m7 You'll do what You say You'll do Esus2 F# B You'll be who You've always been to us, Jesus {Verse 2} B And our hope is in You alone G#m7 Our strength in your mighty name Esus2 F# B Our peace in the darkest day remains, Jesus {Chorus} B F# (And) This we know, we will see the enemy run E G#m7 F# This we know, we will see the victory come B F# G#m7 We hold on to ev'ry promise You ever made E F# B Jesus, You are unfailing {Verse 3} B Our God through the wilderness G#m7 And our joy in the heaviness Esus2 F# B Our way when it seems there is no way, Jesus [Repeat Chorus] {Bridge} G#m7 E We trust You, we trust You B F# Your ways are higher than our own [Repeat x4] [Repeat Chorus] {Coda} E F# E Jesus, You are unfailing B Yes, Jesus, You are unfailing