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To My Knees Chords

Hillsong Young & Free | average from reviews

Original Key: C

Tempo: 100

C   F2   Am7   G   C/E   F2

{Verse 1}
In the Saviour's love 
I find joy beyond compare 
         Am7         G   C/E   F2
Endless peace covers all of    me
When You breathe within, 
You turn winter into spring
         Am7           G   C/E   F2
Grace dissolves ev'ry fear in    me

 C                  Dm7   Am7
Your love brings me to       my knees
          G   Am7              C      G
Brings me to     my knees, my King forever
 C              Dm7    Am7
You are all my heart desires
          G    F2         C        G     Cmaj7
'Til the end of time, my soul surrendered

G                        Dm7         F2    C  
  All the earth sing of mercy never end - ing
G                     Dm7            F2   C
  I will worship with all that is within me
G             Dm7         F2    C
  Holy, holy, Lord God almigh - ty 
G                  Dm7         F2    C
  King of Heaven, Yours is the glo - ry
   Dm7         F2    C   G   C       G       C
  Yours is the glo - ry,    soul surrendered