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We Have This Treasure Chords

Lou Fellingham

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

{Verse 1} F/C C G/C C We have this treasure from the Lord our God F/C C Gsus4 G A gift of mercy from His hand F/C C G/C C His all surpassing power at work in us, F/C C Gsus4 G To show His glory and His plan C/E F C Gsus4 G C For He has offered hope to all mankind C/E F C Gsus4 G Through sending Jesus to the cross C/E F C Am F And now this light He's shone into our hearts C/G Gsus4 F/C C We're holding out to all the world {Verse 2} F/C C G/C C Now with His power in us we'll reign in life F/C C Gsus4 G With eyes of faith we'll move ahead F/C C G/C C The Spirit helps and strengthens us each day F/C C Gsus4 G Confirming our eternal place C/E F C Gsus4 G C Our confidence is not our ability C/E F C Gsus4 G Nor in the earthly strength that we hold C/E F C Am F But in His grace He takes the fragile things C/G Gsus4 F/C C To show the greatness of His love Chorus: C G F C We will sing out, we will proclaim G F C The wonder and joy of His endless grace G Drawing us on Am7 F Till Jesus comes again C/G G F/C C G/C C To take His people home {Verse 3} F/C C G/C C No longer living for this passing life F/C C Gsus4 G We'll fix our eyes on what is sure F/C C G/C C There is a heavenly place prepared for us F/C C Gsus4 G That will not ever fade or spoil C/E F C Gsus4 G C So we will walk the path He has given us C/E F C Gsus4 G In full obedience and with faith C/E F C Am F For when the road is tough we will not lose heart C/G Gsus4 F/C C But keep on trusting in His name