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Unfailing Love Chords

Vineyard Worship | average from reviews

Original Key: B

Tempo: 130

We wait in hope for You
Our shelter and our truth
 B                               C
You are always faithful to Your word
Consume our hearts and minds
Be the author of this life
        B                        E
Your kingdom come, Your will be done

In these times of doubt and sorrow
People need a hope to cling to
B/D#                            E
Your love is an anchor in the storms of life

Forever faithful

   B        E
Unfailing love
You never let us down
                C#m7   E
Your promise is alive

G#m              B/F#           E
  When coloured dreams fade to grey (unfailing love)
G#m        B/F#                  E
  When the night crowds out the day (unfailing love)
G#m               B/F#           E
  When there's no words left to say
G#m     B/F#   B   C#m
  God's love  re - mains