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Vagabonds Chords

Stuart Townend

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 120

{Verse 1}
 D             Dsus4
Come all you vagabonds
 D            Dsus4
Come all you 'don't belongs'
 D          Dsus4           D         A   Asus4
Winners and losers, come, people like me
 A             Asus4      A             Asus4
Come all you travelers, tired from the journey
Come wait a while, stay a while
               D   Dsus4   D   Dsus4
Welcomed you'll be

{Verse 2}

Come all you questioners, looking for answers

And searching for reasons and sense in it all

Come all you fallen and come all you broken

Find strength for your body
And food for your soul

 G            D              A            D
Come to the feast, there is room at the table
 G           D            A
Come let us meet in this place
          G             D
With the King of all kindness
     F#7/A#        Bm
Who welcomes us in
          Em       D/F#            A        Bm
With the wonder of love, and the power of grace
      Em      D/F#
The wonder of love
            A         D   A   D   Dsus4  D   Dsus4
1. And the power of grace
            A         D   A   D   A   D
2. And the power of grace

A   Bm   A/C#   D   Em    A    D
A   Bm   A/C#   D    A  Dsus4  D   Dsus4  D 

{Verse 3}

Come those who worry 'bout house and money

And all those who don't have a care in the world

From every station and orientation
The helpless, the hopeless, the young, the old

{Verse 4}

Come all believers and dreamers and schemers

And come all you restless just searching for home

Movers and shakers and givers and takers
                                  D   Dsus4   D   Dsus4
The happy, the sad, the lost and alone

{Verse 5}

Come self-sufficient with wearied ambition

And come those who feel at the end of the road

Fiery debaters and religion haters
Accusers, abusers, the hurt and ignored

     Em       D/F#           A       Bm
The wonder of love and the power of grace
     Em       D/F#           A       D   Dsus4
The wonder of love and the power of grace

Dsus4   D   Dsus4   D   Dsus4   A   D