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Bright City

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: Am F You're the light that shines C into the dark, Gsus4 You can break these chains Am around my heart. F Jesus, hope to all, C You're the only way. Gsus4 Jesus, there is power Am F C G in Your name, Am F G in Your name. Chorus: F We believe Am C You're stronger than the grave. G F We believe Am G that You're the God who saves. C F We believe Am C that You can do all things. G F Am G Jesus, we believe. Verse 2: Am F You embraced the cross, C our greatest gift, Gsus4 You endured this death Am so we can live. F Jesus, rising up C like the morning sun. Gsus4 Death has lost its power; Am F C G You have won, Am F G You have won. Mid section: Am F There's one name, one name C G we're lifting high. Am F C G King Jesus, Yours is the name. Am F There's one hope, one hope: C G You are alive. Am F G King Jesus, Yours is the name.