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We Shine Chords

Steve Fee

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Original Key: E

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: Bm Yeah, we shine, we shine the light of God. Gmaj7 And when we speak, we speak with words of love. A6 And when we dance, we may get a little wild, Esus2 'Cause we're the people of God, Yeah, the people of God. Bm And when we sing, we sing the angel's songs, Gmaj7 The ones they're singing around the throne. A6 Yeah, yeah, we worship the King with everything that we are, Esus2 'Cause we're the people of God, Yeah, the people of God. Yeah! Bridge: Bm And now is the time for the people to rise. G/B Lift up a shout, everybody cry out. Bm7 Raise your voice, shout out a noise, E/B Dance a dance of joy. (One! Two! Three! Four!) Chorus: B E/G# We are the redeemed. We are the ones who are free, F# Esus2 C#m And we belong to Jesus. B E/G# We are now alive, And in this world we will shine, F# Esus2 Bm7 And we belong to Jesus. [1.] Mid section: Bm Bm Gmaj7 Gmaj7 A6 A6 E E Bm Yeah, we're going into all the world, Gmaj7 We're carrying the light of Jesus. A6 And we shine, we shine E In the darkest place, we shine. [Repeat] Verse 2: Where the Spirit of God is, freedom reigns. So, come on, come on, Throw off your prison chains. We're liberated by a King, Only freedom remains For the people of God, yeah, The people of God, yeah. We're living in a kingdom that will never end; We're living in the power that defeated sin. So come on, everybody, Let your praise begin. Jesus is alive, and He's coming again.