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Well With My Soul Chords

Philip Paul Bliss, Brenton Brown,Daniel Ornellas,Horatio Gates Spafford | average from reviews

Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
                  F                 C2
Sometimes it's hard, Sometimes I cry, 
                F                  Am7
Sometimes my heart wants to know why.
G                  F
  But Your yoke is easy 
G                    Am7
  And Your burden is light;
G                        F
  And though my heart is aching 
G                       Am7    C/G
  There are tears in my eyes.

    C       F
Whatever my lot, 
         D               G        Fsus2
You have taught me to know  it is well, 
       Gsus4             Fsus2    C 
It is well with my soul. [1.]
     Am7 G       C
[2.]         [3.]

Verse 2:
                F                       Csus4  C  Csus4
It's not always easy. I'm not always right, 
C              F                             Am7
Sometimes I do things that are wrong in Your sight.
G              F
  But I have decided
G                   Am7
  I'm gonna follow Jesus: 
G                 F
  There's no turning back, 
G                    F/A    G
  There's no turning back.

Mid section:
G                       Am                   G
'Cause You have reached down to me, You have rescued me, 
         F                      C
You have shed Your blood for my soul.
              Am                  G               F
And I live now knowing that the sky and not the grave will be my goal.
                 Am              G
And just as in life, also in death, 
                F                  C
This truth will comfort and console: 
                  Am                   G
That soon I will see Your face, and hear Your voice, 
    F          G        C
And know that it is well.

C                  F                       C
But please hold my hand, Lord, and hold on tight, 
                         F                       C
'Cause the road here is narrow, the road here is narrow.