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We've had a light shine (Surely the time has come) Chords

Matt Redman

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Original Key: B

Tempo: 0

B We've had a light shine in our midst, Esus2/A We've felt Your presence, we've known Your peace, E/G# And though this blessing comes to us free B It carries a challenge to go. We've had a feast laid on for us, Esus2/A You have commanded "Bring in the lost", E/G# There's food for all, any who'd come, B Any who would know Your Son. bridge: G#m7 B We know it's time to go, G#m7 B We've heard the cries of all of the earth. Esus2/A E/G# B Send us with power, we cannot do it alone. G#m7 B With passion for the lost G#m7 B We'll take the truth, whatever the cost; Esus2/A E/G# B Time is so short, we cannot squander this love. chorus: Esus2/A E/G# B Surely the time has come, Esus2/A E/G# B To bring the har - vest home (Repeat)