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What Can I Do (Christmas Version) Chords

Paul Baloche | 5 average from 1 reviews

Original Key: G

Tempo: 144

G   C/G   G    Em   C    G    Em   C   G/B    G

Verse 1:
                  Am7               G/B
From the high and holy, to a manger lowly,
              C2                     Dsus4  D
The greatest mystery the world has ever  known;
                  Am7                    G/B
How You left Your majesty, to embrace humanity.
            C2               Am7   G           D/F#    Em   D
It awes and humbles me to be loved    by a God so high.

               G       C     G
    What can I do but thank You?
    Em                C               G
    What can I do but give my life to You:
         D     Em      C
    Hallelujah,   hallelujah.
               G      Am     G
    What can I do but praise You?
    Em             C            G
    Every day make ev'rything I do
              D     Em      C     G/B      D  G
    1. A hallelujah,   hallelujah,    hallelujah. [To v.2]
              D     Em      C     G/B      D  Em
    2. A hallelujah,   hallelujah,    hallelujah.
       C   G   D    Em    C     G    D     D
                                            [Chorus repeat]

Verse  2:
                  Am7                      G/B
To the least and lowest, You became as one with us,
                 C2                             Dsus4    D
In our grief and brokenness You suffered by our side.
              Am7                        G/B
From a cradle to the cross, rising up victorious,
             C2             Am7   G           D/F#     Em   D
The Messiah, Jesus, born to us      on that holy night.

           D     Em       C     G        D  G   C   G  Em  C
    A hallelujah,    hallelujah,   hallelujah.
    G      D     Em       C  G
      Hallelujah,    hallelujah.