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What Child Is This Chords

William Chatterton Dix, Unknown

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Original Key: Em

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: Em D/F# G D What child is this, who laid to rest, Em Am/C B On Mary's lap is sleeping: Em D/F# G D Whom an – gels greet with anthems sweet, Em Am B Esus4 Em While shep - herds watch are keep – ing? Bm G D This, this is Christ the King, Em Am/C B Whom shep – herds guard and angels sing: Bm G D Haste, haste to bring Him praise, Em Am B Esus4 Em The babe, the son of Ma - ry. Verse 2: Em D/F# G D Why lies He in such mean estate, Em Am/C B Where ox and ass are feeding? Em D/F# G D Good Christ-ians fear, for sinners here Em Am B Esus4 Em The si - lent Word is plea - ding. Bm G D Nails, spear shall pierce Him through, Em Am/C B The cross be bourne for me, for you. Bm G D Hail, hail the Word made flesh, Em Am B Esus4 Em The babe, the son of Ma - ry. Verse 3: Em D/F# G D So, bring Him incense, gold and myrrh, Em Am/C B Come, pea - sant king, to own Him; Em D/F# G D The King of kings sal – va - tion brings, Em Am B Esus4 Em Let lov - ing hearts en - throne Him. Bm G D Raise, raise a song on high, Em Am/C B The vir - gin sings her lullaby. Bm G D Joy, joy, for Christ is born, Em Am B Esus4 Em The babe, the son of Ma - ry.


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Arr. 2010 Integrity Music