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When Deep Calls To Deep Chords

Paul Oakley

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Verse: D Bm9 When deep calls to deep there's a stirring inside of me, Gmaj9 D2/F A feeling that words won't describe, D Like I'm hearing Your song Bm9 Touching my spirit, Gmaj9 D C2 Calling me deeper with You. D Bm9 And the thirst in my soul just to meet with You, God, Gmaj9 D2/F# I'm feeling the pull of Your love, D Like the crash of Your waves, Bm9 Like the roar of Your waterfalls, Gmaj9 D Drawing me on into You. C2 G/B D And all I know is it's You. C2 G/B A7sus4 And I cry out to You. Chorus: D Give me oil for my wounds, C Give me wine for my heart, G Give me strength for today, Gm/Bb And I will stand. D Give me salve for my eyes, C Give me truth for the lies, G Gm/Bb A7sus4 D2 Give me love in my life and I will run with You.