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When Love Came Down To Earth Chords

Stuart Townend

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Original Key: E

Tempo: 0

{Verse 1} E E/G# A When love came down to earth B E And made His home with men, E/G# A The hopeless found a hope B E The sinner found a friend. E/G# Not to the powerful B C#m7 But to the poor He came, E/G# A And humble, hungry hearts B E Were satisfied again. {Chorus} E/G# Amaj7 B6 C#m7 B6 Amaj7 B6 C#m7 What joy, what peace has come to us! B6 Amaj7 B6 C#m7 B6 Amaj7 What hope, what help, what love! {Verse 2} E E/G# A When every unclean thought, B E And every sinful deed E/G# A Was scourged upon His back B E And hammered through His feet. E/G# The innocent is cursed, B C#m7 The guilty are released, E/G# A The punishment of God, B E On God, has brought me peace. [Repeat Chorus] {Verse 3} E E/G# A Come lay your heavy load B E Down at the Master's feet, E/G# A Your shame will be removed. B E Your joy will be complete E/G# Come crucify your pride, B C#m7 And enter as a child; E/G# A For those who bow down low B E He'll lift up to His side. [Repeat Chorus] {Ending} E D/E C#m/E E What love!