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Where Could I Go Chords

Paul Wilbur

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: C G Blessed is the morning sky F C/E Revealing Your perfect light G/D C O Star of the morning G There is no depth or height F C/E Where I can escape Your sight G/D C O King of Glory Pre-Chorus 1: F Dm7 Heaven and earth will pass away But You will still remain Chorus: G C Oh where could I go? Dm7 Am7 F I could not run from You, Yeshua G C Where, where could I hide? Dm7 Am7 F Bb Your love would find me there, Yeshua (to bridge and to coda) F G Am7 G C Oh......Oh......Oh Verse 2: G Through all my days and nights F C/E Sleeping and when I rise G/D C Lord, You are with me G You know my thoughts and dreams F C/E The best and the worst of me G/D C You know me completely Pre-Chorus 2: F Dm7 And if I arise on the wings of the dawn Your right hand will hold me Bridge: G F You hold the stars Em7 You're the keeper of time Dm7 G You're the author of my story F Em7 Alpha, Omega, Creator of all Dm7 Nothing can contain Your glory Coda: Bb Dm7 F C Yeshua,


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