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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

{Intro} Bm D Asus4 {Verse 1} Bm D You’re whispering Asus4 I long to hear Your voice, long to hear Your voice Bm D You call my name Asus4 Speak Lord, I’m listening, Lord, I’m listening {Pre-Chorus} G A Bm Just one word that You speak D A Can transform everything {Chorus} G D I wanna be where You are Bm Asus4 Spend my whole life close to Your heart G D Use me, let Your will be done Bm Asus4 I choose to be where You are {Link} Bm D Asus4 {Verse 2} Bm D You say, I‘m Yours Asus4 Your voice is life to me, yes, it’s life to me Bm D You‘ve changed my course Asus4 I’ll never be the same, never be the same Repeat Pre-Chorus: Repeat Chorus: [x2] {Link} G D Bm Asus4 {Bridge} G D Bm Asus4 Forever in Your arms, forever in Your arms [Repeat x6] Repeat Chorus: [x2] {Tag} G D Bm Asus4 [Repeat with ad libs as desired] G
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