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Who Is There Like You Chords

Paul Oakley

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Verse: D2 G Who is there like You, D2 G Bm7 And who else would give their life for me, Em7 A7sus4 Even suffering in my place? D2 G And who could repay You? Bm7 G Bm7 All of creation looks to You, Em7 A7sus4 And You provide for all You have made. Chorus: D So I'm lifting up my hands, Em7 Lifting up my voice, D/F# Lifting up Your name, G And in Your grace I rest, Em7 A7sus4 For Your love has come to me D2 And set me free. A7sus4 D And I'm trusting in Your word, Em7 Trusting in Your cross, D/F# Trusting in Your blood G And all Your faithfulness, Em7 A7sus4 For Your power at work in me D2 Em7 G A7sus4 D2 Is changing me.
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