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Wholly Thine Chords

Meredith Andrews

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: G C/G G I come to You, oh gracious Lord, C/G G Your love has caused my heart to burn; Em D C G I'm captured by Your ev'ry word, C D G Make me wholly Thine. Verse 2: G C/G G Out of sin I run to Thee, C/G G Thy precious blood my only plea, Em D C G Now You've set this captive free, C D G Make me wholly Thine. Chorus: Em D C G Oh make me wholly, wholly Thine, C D Em D G Until this world can only find Em D C D Em More of You here in my life, C D C 1. Make me wholly Thine. G/B Em Dsus4 C G/B Em D [To v.3] C D G 2. Make me wholly Thine. Yes... [Repeat] C D G 3. Make me wholly Thine. [8 bars] Verse 3: G C/G G I come because I now believe C/G G Your hand can move and work through me, Em D C G That all may know and all may see C D G That I am wholly Thine.