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With every rising sun (The troubles are over) Chords

Johnny Parks | average from reviews

Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
     D            G/D
With every rising sun,
D                 Dmaj7
  Every evening's fall
D6        G
We have prevailed.
You've been our hope.
    D                   G/D
And through the darkest days,
D                         Dmaj7
  Through the spilling of blood,
D6         G
You heard our prayers
And the troubles are o'er,
The troubles are o'er!
[2nd & 3rd time:]
The troubles are o'er!

Verse 2:
We've broken hardened ground,
Sown seeds with faith;
You've seen our work,
A harvest awaits.
You've softened hardened hearts,
Broken heavy chains,
Given Your grace,
Amazing grace,
And the troubles are o'er!

Verse 3:
Let the Prince of Peace
Reign in our land:
North and south,
East and west.
When the Kingdom comes,
Free we will stand,
And we'll declare:
Our troubles are o'er,
Our troubles are o'er!

D        G/D      D          G/D
All Your ways are higher and higher.
G   A7/G    G        Em7                D
You bring   peace to those who cry out.  [Repeat]