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Wonders Chords

Dustin Smith

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Original Key: F

Tempo: 0

Intro: F Dm Gm Bb Verse 1: Bb F I created you to be my people Bb F I called you my own and said I'd be Your God Bb F I will never leave you or forsake you Gm Bb I'm right where you are, I'm right where you are Verse 2: Bb F I have come to take off every limit Bb F I need you to stand up in the fire Bb F There's no power of darkness that can stop you Gm Bb When I'm by your side, I'm by your side Chorus: F I will do wonders among you Dm Now let my healing surround you Gm Bb Open Your heart, open your heart F Through every trial I am stable Dm I will be nothing but faithful Gm Bb I am your God, I am your God Bridge: Bb Through every battle, in every fight C Through every fear, in the darkest of nights Dm C I'll be there, I'll be there Bb Through every desert, in every storm C Through every hurt, in the midst of the war Dm C I'll be there, I'll be there