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You Are Chords

Ben Cantelon, Nick Herbert,Tim Hughes | average from reviews

Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
          G   Gsus4           G      Gsus4
For every song,     for every breath, 
            Em                C          G    Gsus4
For every good and perfect gift  You give.
           G   Gsus4          G   Gsus4
For every night,    for every day, 
          Em              C             G    Gsus4
For the glory of the earth,  we will say.

       G         Am7
You are   over everything, 
      Em7         C
You are   the eternal King.
      G               Am7
Jesus,   You're the song we sing;
      Em7                   C  G
You are,  You are, You are.

Verse 2: 
For Your word, full of grace, 
For all the steadfast promises You make. 
For the cross, for new life, 
For the beauty of Your sacrifice.

Mid section:
You will always be, 
You will always be, 
         Em7                      Dadd4
You will always be the great I Am.