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You Are Everything Chords

Andy Bromley

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Original Key: B

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
        B            Bsus4
I give up, lay it down, 
            B                        Bsus4
Leave it all in the palm of Your hand.
         B           Bsus4
Here I am, asking You, 
B                        Bsus4
Open my eyes to Your truth.
'Cause all that I need is in You.
C#m7               F#sus4   F#
All I desire is You.

        B    F#2
You are everything, 
   G#m7          E
My strength, my peace.
    B      F#      G#m7  E
My joy, my hope in You I see.
           B   Bsus4    B    Bsus4    B

Verse 2: 
Here I am on my knees, 
Surrender to You all my fears. 
Lift my eyes day to day, 
Trusting in Your higher way. 
'Cause all I need is You.