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You Are My Anchor (The Father's Embrace) Chords

Stuart Townend

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Original Key: A

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: A You are my anchor, E/G# My light and my salvation. F#m7 You are my refuge, F#m Esus4 E My heart will not fear. A/C# D A/C# A Though my foes surround me on ev'ry hand, A/C# D A/C# E They will stumble and fall while in grace I stand. A/C# D F#m7 G D/F# In my day of trouble You hide me and set me above Esus4 E To sing this song of love. Chorus: A D Esus4 E One thing I will ask of You, this will I pray: A D Esus4 E To dwell in Your house, O Lord, every day, F#m B/D# E/D A/C# D To gaze upon Your lovely face, A/C# Bm7 D/E A And rest in the Father's embrace. A E/G# F#m E E D/E A A E/G# F#m E E A (last time) Verse 2: D/E A Teach me Your way, Lord, E/G# Make straight the path before me. F#m7 Do not forsake me, F#m Esus4 E My hope is in You. A/C# D A/C# A As I walk through life, I am confident A/C# D A/C# E I will see Your goodness with ev'ry step, A/C# D F#m7 G D/F# And my heart directs me to seek You in all that I do, Esus4 E So I will wait for You.


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