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You Are My Peace Chords

Sam Cox, Lou Fellingham,Nathan Fellingham,Nick Herbert | 5 average from 1 reviews

Original Key: G

Tempo: 150

Verse 1:
G                      C
When my fears are overtaking,
               Em                   C
When I feel forsaken, God is by my side.
G                            C
Constant when the ground is shifting,
                Em                         C
And my head is spinning, God will hold me tight.

   D    Em     C
My hope is in You,
   Am7     Bm7    C
My strength is renewed.

                D                 Em
    You are my peace, You are my peace,
                   C               G
    You infuse my heart again with life.
             D                   Em
    My confidence, through ev'ry fear,
    I will trust You, Jesus, my supply.
     Gsus4   G   G/D    D
                        [ - to v.2]
     Gsus4   G
              [ - Chorus Rpt]
     G       G/D