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You Are The Rock Chords

Matt Richley

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Intro: D D Bm G [x 8] Verse 1: D G When all around is changing, I will not be shaken, A G I will trust in You, all my trust in You. Verse 2: D G When everything is fading, Your love is unfailing, A G I will look to You, Jesus, only You. Chorus: G D G/B A You are the rock of my salvation, G D Bm A D/F# Yes, You are the rock of my salvation: G D My strength and my God, Bm A G Em D You are the Lord of all. [Last time repeat][to end] Verse 3: D D Bm G D G My soul will wait in silence, when I need Your guidance, A G Finding rest in You, I will rest in You. Verse 4: D G If hopes and dreams are shattered, You