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You Bled Chords

Rend Collective

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 68

Verse 1: Bm G You bled Your heart out, D F#m7 Bm Now I feel love beat in my chest; G D How wonderful. Bm G You gave Your beauty D F#m7 Bm In exchange for my ugliness; G D How wonderful. Em7 G D D2 You left Your perfection Em7 G A D F#m/C# And embraced our rejection, oh. Chorus: Bm G How marvellous, how boundless D A Is Your love, is Your love. Bm G How wonderful, sacrificial, D A Bm G D2 F#m7 Bm G D Is Your love for me. [1/3 & last x. ] Verse 2: You put on our chains, Sent us out through the open door; How wonderful. You took our sadness, Crowned us with joy and real peace; How wonderful. You left Your perfection And fought for our redemption, oh. Mid section: G D Yes, Jesus loves me; Em7 A Yes, Jesus loves me, how wonderful. G D Yes, Jesus loves me; Em7 A This is love: You give [2. gave] Yourself.