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You Chose The Cross (Lost In Wonder) Chords

Martyn Layzell | average from reviews

Original Key: Bb

Tempo: 143

Verse 1:
    Bb                   F/A 
You chose the cross with every breath
The perfect life, the perfect death
Eb                 Bb       F 
    You chose the cross
  Bb                           F/A 
A crown of thorns You wore for us
And crowned us with eternal life
Eb                 Bb       F 
    You chose the cross
    Cm7                  Bb/D              F 
And though Your soul was overwhelmed with pain
 Cm7          Bb/D           F
Obedient  to  death, You overcame

        I'm lost in wonder
        I'm lost in love
                    Eb             F
        I'm lost in praise for evermore
                   Bb               Gm7 
        Because of Jesus' unfailing love
        I am forgiven
        I am restored

Verse 2:
You loosed the cords of sinfulness
And broke the chains of my disgrace
You chose the cross
Up from the grave victorious
You rose again so glorious
You chose the cross
The sorrow that surrounded you was mine
"Yet not my will but Yours be done" You cried
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