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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Intro: G C/G Am D7/F# Verse 1: Em C Even though I walk through the valley of despair G D/F# Em C When I can barely offer up a pray'r, still You hear the cry in my heart G/B D Before I speak, You hide me in the shelter of Your wings Chorus: G Am7 You cover me, You cover me Em I'm resting in Your shadow D You're my strength and bravery G/B C You cover me, You cover me Em I'm safe inside Your presence Dsus4 D You hold back the enemy G C/G Am D7/F# 1. You cover me [to v.2] G/B C Am7 Dsus4 D 2. You cover me Verse 2: Em C Ev'ry doubt is conquered by Your goodness and Your love G D/F# Your faithfulness, a refuge for my soul Em C So I will fear no evil, You are with me through it all G/B D And in the struggle, I can hear Your song Bridge: G/B C I'm free, from the terror by night Am7 Dsus4 D Or the arrows by day, You are my strength G/B C I'm free, come disaster or threat Am7 Dsus4 D G You are my defense, You are my shield [Repeat][2.] Coda: G Am7 Em7 Dsus4 D G/B C Em7 Dsus4 D G You cover me
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Bible References

  • - Isaiah 25:4
  • - Psalms 23:4
  • - Psalms 61:4

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