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Your Cross Is Enough Chords

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 160

Verse 1: Em C G You saved me at the cross, and for eternity Em C G The story of Your love remains. Em C G Where death has called my name, Your mercy overcame. Em C G The power of Your blood can heal this broken heart. Chorus: D Em We stand forgiven, C G D You have washed us whiter than snow. Em C Your cross is enough, D Em C G D All of heaven celebrates Your glorious love, Em C 1. Your cross is enough. [To v.2] Em C D Em C 2. Your cross is enough. Oh, oh, Your cross is enough. [To Bridge] Em C 3. Your cross is enough. (Oh.) [Chorus repeat] Verse 2: Em C G For everything You've done, and all that is to come, Em C G Jesus, we will praise You. Em C G There's nothing we can do, there's nothing we can say Em C G To make You love us more, it's only by Your grace. Bridge: Em C G D Em C G D And oh, how we love You, for the cross we love You; Em C G D Em G D And oh, how we love You, our God. [Repeat 3 times] Coda: C D Em C Em C G (Oh.) Your cross is enough. Em C G Em C G D Em C G