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Above It All Sheet Music


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Original Key: Dm

Tempo: 116

/tmp/ page 1 = 116     Intro Dm7 Am7 C G 4 4 4 4 1. There's a peace here (2. There's a hope) here Verse (v.2 8va) Dm7 Am7 1 2 that I can't ex plain; there's a rest that I can't de ny; there's a po C G here, e ven in the wait. wer when we lift You high. Dm7 Am7 C G I will trust, I will trust, I'll trust You. Oh, I'll just, oh, I'll just We will trust, we will trust, we'll trust You. Oh, we'll just, oh, we'll just Pre-Chorus Dm7 Am7 C G Dm7 Am7

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Bible References

  • - Isaiah 12:2
  • - Isaiah 6:1
  • - Isaiah 53:5
  • - Psalms 37:5
  • - Psalms 125:1

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