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Awesome God Sheet Music

Rich Mullins

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 150

/tmp/ page 1 = 150     F♯m7 Intro Bm7 C♯m7 F♯m7 4 4 4 4 1. When He rolls up His sleeves He ain't just sky was star less in the Bm7 C♯m7 Verse F♯m put tin' on the ritz: our God is an awe some God. There is thun void of the night: our God is an awe some God. He spoke in Bm7 C♯m7 F♯m der in His foot steps and light ning in His fists: our God is an awe some to the dark ness and cre a ted the light: our God is an awe some Bm7 C♯m7 God. And the Lord was n't jok ing when He God. And judge ment and wrath He poured F♯m Bm7

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Bible References

  • - Deuteronomy 10:17
  • - Deuteronomy 10:21
  • - Nehemiah 9:32
  • - Psalms 68:35

1988 Universal Music - Brentwood Benson Publishing

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