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Behold Him Sheet Music

Mitch Wong, Paul Baloche | 4.5 average from 8 reviews

Original Key: Eb

Tempo: 162

/tmp/ page 1 1. He, who was be fore there was light, walked a 2. He, who heard hu ma ni ty's cry, left His Verse E♭ A♭maj7 8 6 8 6 cross the pa ges of time, He who made ev 'ry liv ing thing, be throne to wake as a child, He be came like the least of us, be E♭/B♭ A♭maj7 hold Him. 1. Je sus, Son of God, Mes si ah; the hold Him. Chorus E♭ A♭ Lamb, the roar ing Li on, oh, be still and be hold Him. B♭4 A♭ 3. He, who Interlude E♭ A♭maj7 E♭ Verse

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