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Blessed Be Your Name Sheet Music

Matt Redman

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Original Key: B

Tempo: 118

/tmp/ page 1 = 118 1. Bles sed be Your name in the And bles sed be Your name when I'm 2. Bles sed be Your name when the And bles sed be Your name on the B Verse F♯ 4 4 4 4 land that is plen ti ful, where Your found in the de sert place, though I sun's shin ing down on me, when the road marked with suf fer ing, though there's G♯m7 E streams of a bun dance flow, bles sed walk through the wil der ness, bles sed world's 'all as it should be,' bles sed pain in the of fer ing, bles sed B F♯ be Your name. E v'ry bles sing be Your name. be Your name. be Your name. E B You pour out I'll turn back to praise. F♯ G♯m7 E

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Bible References

  • - Philippians 4:11
  • - Job 1:21
  • - Isaiah 35:1
  • - Isaiah 35:6

2002 Thankyou Music

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