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Stuart Townend / Keith & Kristyn Getty

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Tempo: 152

/tmp/ page 1 = 120     1. By faith we see the hand of God in the 2. By faith our fa thers roamed the earth With the 3. By faith the pro phets saw a day when the 4. By faith the church was called to go in the 5. By faith this mou ntain shall be moved and the B♭power Verse E♭/B♭ B♭power B♭maj7 E♭/B♭ 4 4 4 4 light of cre a tion's grand de sign; in the pow'r of His pro mise in their hearts: Of a longed for Mes si ah would ap pear with the pow'r of the Spi rit to the lost, to de pow'r of the gos pel shall pre vail, for we B♭power Gm F B♭2/D lives of those who prove His faith ful ness, ho ly ci ty built by God's own hand pow'r to break the chains of sin and death, li ver cap tives and to preach good news know in Christ all things are pos si ble E♭2 E♭2/G F/A B♭ Gm7 F E♭2 F Gm who walk by faith and not by sight. A place where peace and jus tice grave. and rise tri um phant from the in ev 'ry cor ner of the for those who call up on His E♭ F B♭power B♭maj7 E♭/B♭ D.C.(v.2/v.4) 1,3 1,3

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