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Christ Is Mine Forevermore Sheet Music


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Original Key: Bb

Tempo: 72

/tmp/ page 1 Mine are Intro B♭ B♭sus4 B♭ F B♭ B♭ 1 2 4 3 4 3 days that God has num bered, I was made to walk with Him. Yet I tears in times of sor row, dark ness not yet un der stood. Through the Verse B♭ B♭sus4 B♭ Gm F B♭ look for world ly treas ure and for sake the King of kings. But mine is val ley I must trav el where I see no earth ly good. But mine is B♭ B♭sus4 B♭ Gm F B♭ hope is my Re deem er, though I fall His love is sure. For Christ has peace that flows from heav en, and the strength in times of need. I know the Chorus E♭ B♭ F B♭ paid for eve ry fail ing, I am His for ev er more. pain will not be wast ed, Christ com pletes His work in me. E♭ B♭ F B♭ Mine are Mine are Interlude B♭ B♭sus4 B♭ F B♭

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Bible References

  • - Ephesians 1:23
  • - Job 19:25
  • - Psalms 19:14
  • - Psalms 23:4
  • - Psalms 146:1

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