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Colours Of Day (Light Up The Fire) Sheet Music

Sue McClellan / Keith Rycroft / John Paculabo

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/tmp/ page 1 = 120     1. Co lours of day dawn in to the mind, the 2. Go through the park, on in to the town; the 3. O pen your eyes, look in to the sky, the D Verse G D 4 3 4 3 sun has come up, the night is be hind. Go sun still shines on, it ne ver goes down. The dark ness has come, the sun came to die. The A7 D down in the ci ty, in to the street, and let's give the light of the world is ri sen a gain; the peo ple of eve ning draws on, the sun dis ap pears, but Je sus is G D mes sage to the peo ple we meet. So light up the fire and dark ness are need ing a friend. liv ing, His Spi rit is near. A7 D Chorus G

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Bible References

  • - 1 John 2:8

1974 Thankyou Music

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