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Come Let Us Worship Sheet Music

Nathan Fellingham

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

/tmp/ page 1 = 120     Come, let us wor ship the King of kings, the Cre Lord, my heart and voice I raise, to C Verse F/C C G C 4 4 4 4 a tor of all things. Let your soul a rise to praise Your won drous ways, and with con fi dence I F C G Am7 F G Him, come and bless the Lord our King. come to ap proach Your heav'n ly throne. Am7 F C/E G C Come and fill this place with Your glo ry, come and F C/E cap ti vate our gaze; come and fill us with Your fire, F G C/E F

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Bible References

  • - John 8:58
  • - John 17:21
  • - Revelation 5:12
  • - Revelation 17:14
  • - Revelation 19:16
  • - 1 Kings 8:10
  • - Psalms 25:1

2001 Thankyou Music

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