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Emmanuel Sheet Music

Martin Smith

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 130

/tmp/ page 1 = 130     1. You are here in the hur ri cane, 2. You were there when the bat tle raged; C Verse Dm Am 4 4 4 4 You car ry me through the dri ving rain. now these scars are a song of praise. C Dm Am All I need to know is You are with me. All I've e ver known is You be side me. C Dm Am F You are here in the de sert sun, You were there in the li on's den, C Dm Am and in Your sha dow where I be long; You keep me safe 'til I'm home a gain. C Dm Am

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Bible References

  • - 2 Corinthians 4:9
  • - Isaiah 7:14
  • - John 1:14
  • - Matthew 1:23

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