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Elias Dummer, Tom Eccelshall, Jeff Johnson | average from reviews

Original Key: B

Tempo: 70

/tmp/ page 1 Piano I am not Intro G♯m E B F♯ F♯ 2 8 6 8 6 Pno. what I make, I am who You have made me to be. I am not G♯m Verse E B F♯/A♯ Pno. what I've done, I am loved un con di tion al ly. G♯m E B F♯ Pno. I am not loved by the mea sure of love that I bring. I am not G♯m E B F♯ Pno. who I know, I am known by the King of all kings. G♯m E F♯ F♯sus4 F♯ Pno. Je sus, You are e nough. Je sus, You are e nough for B Chorus F♯/A♯ G♯m B/D♯

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Bible References

  • - 2 Corinthians 12:9

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